Provo, UT
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Area Code: 801 - Zip Code: 84601

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Provo Time

Provo Map


Decimal Minutes (GPS)
N40 14.03909 W111 39.52127

Decimal (WGS84)
40.233985, -111.658688

Degrees Minutes Seconds
N 40 14' 2.3454", W 111 39' 31.2762"

City 44.2 sq mi (114.4 km2) 
Land 41.7 sq mi (107.9 km2) 
Water 2.5 sq mi (6.5 km2) 
Elevation 4,551 ft (1,387 m) 
Population (2010) 
City 112,488 
Density 2,500/sq mi (980/km2) 
Metro 526,810 
Time zone Mountain (MST) (UTC-7) 
Summer (DST) MDT (UTC-6) 
FIPS code 49-62470 
GNIS feature ID 1444661


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