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Provo Utah Temple Provo City Center Temple

2200 Temple Hill Drive
Provo, Utah 84604-1766
Phone: 801-375-5775
 Fax: 801-373-5997 
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Temple Facts

The Provo Utah Temple was the sixth temple built in Utah and the first built in Utah County.

The Provo Utah Temple stands adjacent to Church-owned Brigham Young University.

The Temple is located across the street from the Missionary Training Center (MTC) where thousands of young missionaries reside year round preparing for missionary service around the world. 

Known as "one of the busiest temples in the LDS  Church.

  The original design for the Provo Utah Temple included a gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni atop a gold-colored spire. The statue was eventually eliminated from the design, though one was added over 31 years after its dedication.

128,325 square feet

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Provo Churches

100 South and University Ave.
Downtown Provo
Provo, Utah, 84601
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Temple Facts

The Provo City Center Temple will be the sixteenth temple built in Utah

The fourth temple built in Utah County

The second temple built in Provo

The temple will be  the fourth temple built from an existing building

The second temple built from a tabernacle

The Provo City Center Temple and the Provo Utah Temple (1972) will be the second pair of temples to be built in the same city, following the Jordan River Utah Temple (1981) and Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple (2009) in South Jordan, Utah.

  The Provo City Center Temple will be one of only three temples with a central tower surrounded by four corner towers. (The others are the Oakland California Temple and the Cochabamba Bolivia Temple.)

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