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Provo Classifieds
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Beware of Classified Ad Fraud!

Our classified program is meant to be a local service for those in your city or state and the immediate surrounding areas. However, individuals outside of the country will frequently contact sellers or post their own fraudulent ads. Do not be misled! These are not honest people with exceptional deals, but criminals trying to take your money. Watch for the following signs:

  • Buyer/Seller explains that they are currently out of the country.

  • Buyer/Seller offers to pay with a money order or cashiers check for significantly more than the asked for price.

  • Buyer/Seller requests that the payment be wired, submitted online, or cashiers check sent, and that the item will require delivery.

  • Buyer/Seller explains that a third party or service will pick up or deliver the item.

  • Email inquiry is poorly written, generic, or strange sounding.

  • Offer is simply too good to be true.

  • Seller says that we will handle the transaction. We will NEVER be involved in any transaction between buyers and sellers.

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