Temecula Polo Club
Temecula, CA

  Temecula, CA

The Temecula Valley Polo Clubís mission is to provide polo events to serve local non-profit organizations, to hold fundraisers to further serve their mission and help raise funds for their important causes.

Located at the acclaimed equestrian setting of Galway Downs, the Temecula Valley Polo Club is poised to become a regional fundraising venue and prestigious polo club, showcasing the talent of local and internationally renowned players while building on the sportís commitment to charity work.

The club plans to carefully select and support organizations that help vital causes in the Temecula Valley. The club also hosts a polo arena and will provide polo lessons for new riders to enter the world of polo. Galway Downs has over 200 stalls for rent during the season. Wikipedia

38801 Los Corralitos Ave
Temecula CA 92598
(858) 922-5750

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