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The Future Of Southern California
Area Code: 951 - Zip Code: 92562

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Murrieta Movie Theaters
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Top 10 Movies
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Murrieta Movie Theaters
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Top 10 Movies
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Murrieta Movie Theaters

Avoid Movie Lines - Buy Tickets Online Top 10 Box Office Movies

1. Beauty and the Beast (2017) $88.3M
Beauty and the Beast (2017) Buy Tickets Play Trailers

2. Power Rangers $40.5M
Power Rangers Buy Tickets Play Trailers

3. Kong: Skull Island $14.4M
Kong: Skull Island Buy Tickets Play Trailers

4. Life (2017) $12.6M
Life (2017) Buy Tickets Play Trailers

5. Logan (2017) $10.1M
Logan (2017) Buy Tickets Play Trailers

6. Get Out $8.7M
Get Out Buy Tickets Play Trailers

7. CHIPS $7.6M
CHIPS Buy Tickets Play Trailers

8. The Shack $3.8M
The Shack Buy Tickets Play Trailers

9. The Lego Batman Movie $2.0M
The Lego Batman Movie Buy Tickets Play Trailers

10. The Belko Experiment $1.8M
The Belko Experiment Buy Tickets Play Trailers


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